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Frequently Asked Questions.

Questions about delivery

  • My address is not in the delivery areas?

    Contact us so that we can find a solution together.
  • What are the delivery slots?

    When ordering you indicate your desired niche, it will be confirmed by email 24 hours before delivery. The delivery being made by cargo bike the time slot is within a range of 2 hours
  • What are the delivery areas?

    For the moment we deliver the center of Geneva and Carouge. Postal codes: 1201, 1202, 1203, 1204, 1205, 1206, 1207, 1208, 1209, 1227. If you wish to be delivered outside of these areas, do not hesitate to contact us. As long as it is accessible by bicycle, we will try to find a solution!
  • Is the cold chain respected?

    The cold chain is maintained until the delivery of your hand-delivered order. Your dishes are transported in refrigerated containers. The temperatures are controlled by us.
  • What are the delivery days?

    We deliver from Tuesday to Saturday. This allows us to cover the whole week, guaranteeing you the maximum freshness of our dishes. Your dishes are cooked within 24 hours before delivery.
  • How do I get it delivered if I'm away?

    Contact us by email or text to change the address or tell us if we can deliver to a third party. Otherwise, we will keep your order at our premises and you will have 48 hours to collect it. After this time, we will no longer be able to serve them for hygienic and conservation reasons. Any costs incurred remain at your expense.
  • What is the means of delivery / transport?

    You will see our cargo bike circulating in the streets of Geneva, for fast and ecological delivery!

Questions about services

  • Are you having a problem with a dish?

    Contact us immediately, we will do everything to answer you and bring you a solution.
  • Storage of my dishes

    All our dishes are prepared from raw and fresh products in our premises in the center of Geneva. You can eat our dishes up to 4 days after delivery, keeping them in the refrigerator. You will not find any preservative or color in our dishes. The expiration date (DLC) of your dishes and indicated on the packaging box. If a product is consumed after this date, no responsibility will be engaged on our part. Remember to put your dishes in the fridge upon receipt.
  • Contact Us

    Our team is at your disposal throughout the week and responds to you as quickly as possible. Contact us: By email 7/7: info@cookforme.ch; By phone Mon-Fri: +41 79 890 08 60
  • How do I heat my dishes?

    All the instructions for reheating your dishes are indicated on the site and on request, on a sheet of recycled paper delivered with each meal basket. It summarizes your dishes and the instructions for reheating them in the microwave, in the traditional oven or in the pan. Obviously, your microwave may be less powerful or set differently. If the reheating time is not sufficient, extend it in 30 second increments. If you reheat the dish in the traditional oven, don't forget to transfer it to a suitable dish.

  • Where can I find my receipt?

    Your receipt will be sent to you by email upon confirmation of payment. You will find there the detail of the chosen dishes and the total debited.

Questions about payment

  • Do I have to register my card?

    Your credit card details are used securely and confidentially by our supplier Stripe. There is no obligation to do so
  • Prices

    We offer a wide choice of dishes from 15 CHF. Find all our offers here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email info@cookforme.ch or telephone.
  • What are the possible means of payment?

    At this time, we only accept payments by credit card. It will soon be possible to pay by Paypal as well as TWINT.

Questions about us

  • Who we are?

    Our super Chef: a lover of good food that he is happy to share with you. Charlotte, the co-founder: when she is not on her bike to deliver you, she answers your calls or emails, and does everything to find solutions to your requests. Elio, the co-founder: he’s the one who’s called to the rescue as soon as necessary. He is also the king of solutions. And then there is You, who believe in us, THANK YOU!
  • What is that?

    You like to taste good dishes, you pay attention to the quality of your products and where they come from, but you also like to enjoy your free time… WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU SAVE TIME AND EAT WELL! The menu consists of traditional dishes and specialties from our Chef, as well as vegetarian choices, which will delight your taste buds. Our products are fresh, seasonal, mainly local or labeled, always selected with great care. 100% of our suppliers are Swiss, and the origin of our products is mainly local; it varies according to the seasons and the quality of the products. Our packaging is eco-responsible, made from 100% renewable, certified and recyclable materials. The size of the boxes is optimized so as not to clutter your refrigerator. They are suitable for microwaves.
  • Become a cook for me customer

    A few minutes are enough: to join us, you must: Create an account - Select your fresh meals - Choose your delivery day, Monday or Thursday - Make the payment with your bank card - You are in the community!

Free delivery service.

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